The Tiya Group is a young, dynamic and fast growing property development and construction group based in Sarawak, Malaysia.

Our Vision

To turn bold creative visions into substantial physical achievements using four key principles:

  • Conceptualize - Dream, create and visualize
  • Prepare - Research, forecast and plan
  • Expedite - Implement, gather feedback and respond
  • Excel - Prioritize design quality, build quality, reliability and customer satisfaction

Our Mission

To implement our vision the only possible way - the RIGHT way.

  • Project Selection - Identify the right projects
  • People & Partners - Select the right employees, partners and contractors
  • Scheduling & Timing - Carry out projects at the right time, and deliver on time
  • Quality & Value - Offer the right quality and value, at the right cost.
  • Sales & Marketing - Target the right customers and reap the right rewards
  • Growth & Expansion - Advance in the right direction to achieve the right results.