Taman Cahaya Indah

A Tiya Development Sdn Bhd joint venture project with a GDV of RM30 million, Taman Cahaya Indah is our first venture into the mass housing market.

Offering 278 low and low-medium cost terrace houses, Taman Cahaya Indah makes Tiya design and quality affordable for lower income earners, a fact reflected by the house-buying public’s eager snapping-up 75% of the homes already launched.

The project has an estimated GDV of RM65 million and is targeted at middle income homebuyers and small investors, with the potential for substantial capital appreciation as the area develops.

We anticipate that development will be driven by the excellent location and Tiya’s unmatched reputation for design and build quality and also by the presence of the budget hotel, which will be the first to serve the Southern Corridor’s fast expanding economy and will therefore act as a magnet to draw other businesses.